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    Sustainability Report 2019

    Sustainability Report 2019

    To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Nutreco today publishes its online 2019 Sustainability Report, highlighting the work being done across the company at both a global and local level to drive the company’s mission of Feeding the Future.

    Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans says, “At Nutreco, sustainability remains not only a driving force in our business it’s the only way we do business. Employees across our whole company are focused on our mission of Feeding the Future, carrying it out in ways that fit our local priorities and show their passion for serving customers and communities. In 2019, we took our mission into exciting new directions, through our investments in breakthrough innovation to help our industry produce more food, more sustainably.”

    Watch a conversation between Nutreco’s CEO Rob Koremans and Corporate Sustainability Director Jos  Villal n about Nutreco’s 2019 Sustainability Report here. Read the full report here.


    Kees Dekker joins Nutreco as CFO

    From April 1, 2020 Kees Dekker will succeed Jeroen Wakkerman as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Member of the Board of Nutreco N.V.

    Kees joins us from SHV Holdings N.V. in Utrecht where he has been Senior Vice President Finance for the last four years. He joined SHV in 2007 as Corporate Internal Auditor. His next role was as Senior Business Controller at SHV Gas China in Guangzhou before being appointed CFO of SHV Gas China in Guangzhou a year later. In 2014, Kees returned to the Netherlands to work at SHV Holdings in Utrecht as Finance Director and later as Senior Vice President Finance.

    Before joining SHV, Kees held positions at Arthur Andersen, UPC, Ahold and Liberty Global.

    CEO Rob Koremans says: “I’m delighted that Kees will be joining us. With his deep professional experience and his knowledge of SHV and its companies, he is a perfect fit for Nutreco. Please join me in welcoming him to our organization and wishing him every success in his new role.”

    The Nutreco FeedTech Challenge is back!

    Centred around the question ‘What is your breakthrough innovation that CANNOT wait?’ we are inviting promising start-ups to help realise our mission of Feeding the Future. The winner receives a unique prize in the form of a scientific validation trial and dossier.

    This year we are extending the invitation to start-ups active in the food space, namely in alternative proteins.

    The platform is open to everyone, so take a look here. Ask questions, make comments, enrich the ideas and vote them up so that the challenge becomes a big success. The contestants need you, they need 20 votes to move to the next phase and only Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition and Skretting employees can vote.

    Do you know a start-up that should enter the competition? Let them know.

    For more updates, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @Nutreco. Have a question? Please send an email to


    Our stance on soy

    Nutreco, through its divisions Skretting (aquaculture) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition), purchases soy each year as a raw ingredient for our animal and aqua feed products. Some of this is purchased from Brazil. Whilst we have no reason to believe that soybean farmers in our supply chain hold any responsibility for the fires in the Amazon, we are actively conducting an internal review with the aim of ensuring the soy we buy in deforestation-risk geographies is conversion-free or certified deforestation free. This review may result in prioritizing soy purchases out of high-risk sectors. 

    We believe that companies within our industry play an important role in ensuring raw materials are farmed in a sustainable way and we are committed to doing our part. Wherever possible, we always work with NGOs and reputable international organizations to ensure the raw materials we source are sustainable and farmed with as little impact as possible on the planet. In addition, our divisions Skretting and Trouw Nutrition have transition plans in place to meet deforestation targets by 2025 set-out by FEFAC. Supply chain diversification, development of alternative ingredients and risk minimization have been, and will continue to be, a focus for Nutreco.

    How we make a difference

    We are uniquely positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable livestock production and aquaculture.

    Serve the animal and our customers best.

    We translate world-class research and innovation into practical, sustainable nutritional solutions.

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